EXCLUSIVE: Ceasar Hopes Black Ink Label Will Make Him The Next Diddy

Ceasar has plans to lead in the music industry with his own label.

Additional reporting by Seleah Simone (@seleahsimone)

(AllHipHop News) Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser Emanuel is branching out from the tattoo world and stepping into the music lane.

Ceasar, who owns multiple Black Ink tattoo parlors, has plans to conquer the music industry next.

“I feel like the music industry is only the next step, feel me, of many steps. I feel like in the music industry, tattooing and hip-hop goes hand in hand,” Ceasar told AllHipHop.com.

The tattoo artist plans to start his own record label and the platform to put the talented people he knows on.

“I’m doing it to help my family, people that’s close to me, get out there in the music industry because you’re the same people that helped me to get out there in the tattoo industry,” states Ceasar.

The Black Ink Crew star’s first artist is 3TN, who dropped a single called “Picasso” featuring Money Bagg Yo.

In addition to working on bringing his record mogul dreams to life, Ceasar is also currently dabbling his hands in fashion.

His clothing line A Beautiful Death will be launching new items come June 2020. Ceasar posted a behind the scenes trailer previewing what’s to come.

“This Black Ink music thing is going to be something big. I feel like this is my next step in my evolution and for me to sit down with Diddy and the Jay-Z’s of this world,” Ceasar said.