Black Thought Ethers A Hater On Twitter, Hints At New Roots Album


(AllHipHop News) Sometimes the good comes with the bad and in this case of social media suicide, the old saying appears to hold true.

Yesterday (March 13th) Black Thought addressed a brazen fan on social media that boldly called out the South Philly bred rapper’s skills.

“@blackthought all I know is if you switched up your flow more you’d be better. Your patterns are predictable. #realtalk.”

What followed was an all out roast session as Black Thought used his fan’s Tweets to expel any notion that he fell off in any way at all.

On the good side, in the process of the roast session, we did get an update on a potential upcoming album from The Roots.

But it didn’t stop there, The Tweets that followed by the lead rapper and conductor for Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show band were pure comedy as Black Thought shunned the Twitter skeptic, with images and other Tweets.

No word on a title or date, but this is potentially some motivation to get the project out to fans soon.

The last time we had an update on a new album from The Roots was back in May of 2015 when Black Thought spoke about it on the tonight show:

“I feel like we are embarking on a new chapter in our lives and in our careers, so it’s time to either make more music or to stop making music, and we’re not going to stop. Music is on the horizon,” said Black Thought.

Check out the Tweets below from yesterday that hint a new album might be closer than we think.

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