Blueface Blasted After Asking Six-Year-Old Son If He’s Gay For Choosing Chips Over “Booty Cheeks”  


Blueface sparked outrage after asking his little boy if he is gay because he left a room filled with half-naked dancers in favor of snacks.

Blueface is facing hefty backlash after questioning his six-year-old son’s sexuality when the little boy left a room with half-naked dancers to find some snacks. 

The “Thotiana” rapper shared the video on his Instagram Stories, where it was swiftly clipped and circulated on Twitter. In the clip, Blueface is filming a music video with the mother of his two children, Jaidyen Alexxis, before looking for his son, who he finds in the pantry. 

“Son, come here,” Blueface told the little boy. “It’s booty cheeks out here and you in here looking for chips. You ain’t gay is you?” 

The six-year-old appeared confused at the question and was more interested in the snacks he was about to eat. He simply shrugged, saying, “I have so many Slim Jims!”  

A second video begins with Blueface repeating the question: “You ain’t gay, right?” When his son shook his head in response, Blueface stuck his hand out for a high five. “My man, my dawg!” he added. 

Once the video surfaced on Twitter, Blueface was heavily criticized, with users slamming the rapper’s inappropriate behavior. Others called him out for bashing his pregnant ex Chrisean Rock, claiming he’s the one who poses a threat to his kids.  

“Blueface & Jaidyn Alexis has their son around STRIPPERS, while telling him to come look & asking him is he gay ?? & he says Chrisean won’t be a good mother,” read one response. “Yet you’re taking your son’s innocents away so early. Tryna make a kid look at adult sexual content is p### behavior.” 

Another added, “Blue face need to be in jail! Asked his damn son if he’s gay bc he was looking for snacks and not looking at strippers.”  

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