Blueface Charged With Attempted Murder


Blueface has a serious case against him as he his now charged with attempted murder.

Rapper Blueface has been arrested for attempted murder.

The rapper was arrested and handcuffed on Tuesday in Las Vegas in a situation where he was been followed by undercover officers.

Apparently, it took about six or eight officers to apprehend him. And the undercover operation climaxed outside of Lo Lo’s Chicken and Waffles in Las Vegas, according to TMZ.

His sometime-girlfriend Chrisean Rock was present at the time of the arrest.

At press time, Blueface was charged with felony attempted murder with the use of a deadly firearm or tear gas and discharging a gun into a house, building, vehicle or craft.

The arrest stems from an incident that occurred on October 8.

The Crip rapper also has an outstanding warrant from another incident in Los Angeles. The rapper allegedly beat down a nightclub bouncer on camera.

There are felony arrest warrant out for Blueface and two others that beat up a man in September.

He was reportedly charged with felony assault and robbery, because the bouncer was robbed of a chain.