Blueface Starts New Record Label Strictly For Moms With Kids


Rapper Blueface has set his sights on an interesting demographic in hopes of finding the next big talent- MILFs!

Rapper Blueface, renowned for his hit song “Thotiana,” has launched a unique music imprint, MILF Music, exclusively for women with children.

The rapper announced the creation of the new label in an Instagram video, stating that he’s particularly interested in signing women who already have children.

The criteria for potential signees are unique. The women don’t necessarily have to be rappers or have any musical background. Instead, Blueface is looking for star quality and a certain level of controversy.

He expressed a preference for artists who receive more negative comments than positive ones, emphasizing that he values the ability to handle hate.

Blueface also mentioned his willingness to write songs and provide musical support for the signed artists. He stated, “I’ll write the song for y’all, write the music for everyone, get this money.”

The label’s Instagram account currently features Jaidyn Alexis, Blueface’s baby mama, as the only artist.

She has released their first single, “Stewie,” and Blueface encouraged interested individuals to follow MILF Music and show their love and support. Despite the unconventional approach, Blueface seems confident in his venture. He believes that attention and care are what matters.

Blueface’s new venture is indeed stirring up the music industry, and it will be interesting to see how MILF Music develops and what kind of artists it will bring to the forefront.

So far, most of the comments have been positive in reaction to “Stewie.”

“LOVE THIS FOR HER!!! She deserves to win!!!! She takes care of her kids and still holds blue down no matter the s### he put her through fr! I LOVE THE WAY U LOVEEE MEEEE,” one user said, while another wrote “I love her voice and goes with the beat. Can’t stop listening to it lol.”