Blueface Responds To Accusations He’s Running A Sex Cult


“‘America’s Next Top Model’ was on bunk beds but y’all mad at me.”

Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly documentary exposed a lot of viewers to the idea of a celebrity potentially leading what was described as a sex cult. R&B singer R. Kelly was eventually charged with multiple state and federal sex-related crimes.

Recently, social media users began questioning if Blueface was following in Kelly’s alleged footsteps by cultivating his own group of women to worship him. Footage posted online by the “Thotiana” rapper sparked concern.

In the clip, Blueface asked several women if they had gotten his signature “Benjamin Franklin” tattoo on the spot. Other women were seen sleeping in at least three sets of bunk beds set up in one room.

The video is apparently connected to the 24-year-old Cash Money West artist’s Blue Girls Club. Blueface went on Twitter to respond to the allegations that he is a controlling cult leader who is causing women physical and psychological harm.

“Wtf is a cult?” tweeted Blueface. He added, “For those who are curious my show is a 3-week series. I move women in from all over the US, fly them out to Cali, put them under one roof. I own 2 homes. I don’t stay there. I take care of all [their] financial needs while they are here. I promote [their] brands etc. We film all day. Tune in.”

Blueface also made sure to address allegations that sexual misconduct could be taking place at the location. “We don’t tolerate any sexual conduct between men and women, so the women do tend to grow interest in each other because of this, but they are adults at the end of the day. It’s only so much I can control, so what they do with each other is [a part] of the show. Subscribe [right now] to see more.”

The Find the Beat album creator even promoted upcoming tryouts for the next installment of his Blue Girls Club content, by writing, “Season 2 is wrapping up if you are interested in being a contestant on season 3 follow my Instagram @bluefasebleedem to see when auditions start.”