Blueface Says “8 Out Of 10 Chance” Chrisean Rock’s Baby Is His; Will Reveal All On Reality Show 


Blueface said there’s an eight of out ten chance he’s the father of Chrisean Rock’s baby but will reveal the paternity on their reality show.

Blueface is unconvinced Chrisean Rock is carrying his baby, although he admitted there’s an eight out of ten chance that he is the father. 

The on-again-off-again couple regularly share intimate details of the turbulent relationship on social media. Little has changed since the reality TV starlet announced her pregnancy earlier this year.  

In a series of recent interviews, Blueface addressed their romance while casting doubt as to the paternity of Chrisean Rock’s baby. 

The “Thotiana” rapper predicted the likelihood that he’s the father during a recent appearance on the Raw Talk podcast.  

When asked if he has concerns over that he’s the father of the unborn child, Blueface replied, “It’s like an eight out of ten,” despite Chrisean Rock sitting beside him insisting they wouldn’t be sharing a bed if he had doubts.  

“He’s not worried about it,” Chrisean Rock declared as Blueface laughed. “He’s saying that for the camera.”  

Blueface shared a clip from the podcast on Instagram, adding that the odds are in his favor. He also took the opportunity to promote the couple’s reality show and teased they will announce the paternity during the series.  

“I say 8/10 she say 9/10 stay tuned to find out the paternity of the baby on crazy in love season 2,” he penned in the caption. “Either way 8 or 9 out of 10 is good odds I’m not worried.” Watch the clip below and check out the interview at the end of the page.

Blueface Calls Chrisean Rock His “Cellmate”

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Blueface claimed Chrisean Rock was more “cellmate” than soulmate. “It’s like the best, worst, saddest, happiest, ugliest, beautifullest, thing I’ve ever done. All in one,” he said of their relationship.  

“The only thing I don’t like is the misconception of her role and my role in the relationship,” Blueface added. “Because it’s like she’s younger, more impulsive, and more victimized-playing and I’m just stuck with the dick… I get blamed for all the f### s###. It’s not that way.”