Blxst Wants To Carry On The Legacy Of Dr. Dre & Ice Cube


The “child of GOD” rhymer talks aiming for the Rock Hall of Famers’ legacies.

N.W.A. members Dr. Dre and Ice Cube cemented themselves as two of the most successful Hip Hop artists to emerge from California. Blxst is looking to follow in those West Coast legends’ footsteps.

After growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Blxst went on to earn a Gold plaque for his “Overrated” single. The performer/producer also scored a Platinum plaque for “Chosen” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Tyga.

Blxst dropped a new song titled “child of GOD.” Los Angeles-bred rapper Remble appears on the track as well. Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe recently spoke to Blxst about the “child of GOD” collaboration and L.A.’s musical legacy.

“I just love the collaboration journey in general. Even Remble, for example, the dichotomy between him and me, it’s just like good and evil. People love to see those things meshed together,” Blxst told Zane Lowe.

He continued, “And even on ‘child of GOD,’ that was the constant theme in the song, seeing the good, no matter what evil you’re surrounded by. It opens your mind to seeing things differently. And we had that perfect room, where he just felt like himself, and he floated on there, man, he walked on there.”

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Last month, Blxst informed Apple Music about his appreciation of New York City’s 50 Cent by covering his “21 Questions” for the streamer’s special Juneteenth playlist. However, the Before You Go album creator wants to be the next to step up and extend his hometown’s historic Hip Hop run.

“I think about the level that Dr. Dre set. Thinking about the storytelling that Ice Cube set. And those are the bars that I look at when I’m doing music. So when they pass the torch down, I can’t do nothing but aim that high,” said Blxst.