Bobby Shmurda’s GS9 Rapper Rowdy Rebel Released From Prison

Brooklyn rapper Rowdy Rebel is out of prison, just in time for the holidays!

Bobby Shmurda’s GS9 associate, Chad “Rowdy Rebel” Marshall is finally a free man.

Rowdy Rebel was signed to Epic Records with Bobby and scored hits with “Hot N####” and “Shmoney Dance.” Their careers were interrupted after Rowdy, Bobby, and 13 members of the GS9 crew were hauled off to jail in December of 2014.

Bobby Shmurda’s GS9 Associate Rowdy Rebel Discusses Epic Records Not Bailing Him Out

The guys were investigated by the NYPD for two years.

Rowdy Rebel was eventually charged with attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon, conspiracy, attempted murder, attempted assault, and reckless endangerment.

Rowdy eventually pleaded guilty to one count of third-degree conspiracy and one count of weapons possession to get a lighter sentence.

According to the terms of his release, Rowdy will still be under community supervision until December 15th, 2025.

In 2016, Ackquille “Bobby Shmurda” Pollard pled guilty to federal conspiracy in the fourth degree and criminal possession of a weapon in the second-degree charges.

Bobby Shmurda was sentenced to seven years in prison followed by five years of post-release supervision. He’s due out of prison next year (December 2021) after his latest bid for parole was denied.