Boldy James Doing Much Better After Near-Fatal Car Accident

Boldy James was in a terrible accident earlier this year, but there is good news as he makes his way back to full recovery.

Boldy James could have died in an accident earlier this year, but he is doing much better now.

The Griselda emcee was in a car accident on January 9 that left him in critical condition.

AllHipHop conferred with sources close to the rapper and they said that he is faring much better than when the news broke of the terrible two-car collision.

“For the most part, he’s doing great. Long road ahead, but he’s way beyond what we thought he would be right now,” the confidant said.

Back in January, things were less optimistic, as the rapper entered the hospital suffering a broken vertebrae in his neck and orthopedic injuries. He had surgery on his neck and began the process of recovery.

Despite the setback of the car accident, Boldy James has continued to ring out in the Hip-Hop world, and our source insists he will fully overcome, coming back stronger.

He also admitted that the rapper was “hard-headed” despite his positive prognosis.