ESPN’s Bomani Jones: “Life After Death” Is The Most Overrated Rap Album & Guru Is The Most Overrated Rapper


(AllHipHop News) ESPN personality Bomani Jones has always been very open about his opinions on Hip Hop. As the co-host of Highly Questionable he regularly interviews rap stars, and last year Jones penned an editorial for Playboy addressing the “whitewashing” of the culture.

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During a recent episode of his The Evening Jones podcast, the Clark Atlanta University graduate answered questions from some of his listeners. Jones was asked to give his pick for the most overrated rapper of all time.

“I feel like this question is a trap, because you’re trying to see if I’m going to say 2Pac,” responded Jones. “Like 2Pac, the most overrated rapper ever is dead… The single most overrated rapper of all time is Guru… You take Guru off those Premo beats, and we’re not having any discussion about Guru.”

Bomani may think the deceased Gang Starr member is held to a higher standard than he deserves, but it was another dead rapper’s work he named as the most overrated Hip Hop album in history. Jones took aim at The Notorious B.I.G.’s sophomore studio LP.

Life After Death disc 1 is really, really good. Disc 2 – sorry man, you a###### New Yorkers. How you gonna make your West Coast song [“Going Back To Cali”] and get [Brooklyn’s] Easy Mo Bee to do the beat?” Jones said. “It’s got some cool songs on it. But the idea that it’s better than Ready To Die or the idea Life After Death is some kind of 5-star album – that’s just ridiculous.”

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Listen to Bomani Jones’ The Evening Jones podcast below.

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