Boosie Asks Fans To Post Videos Of Guns In Their Car To Earn Christmas Cash


Rap star Boosie is getting a little backlash over a new challenge he just launched to promote his new single “Stick In Da Car.”

Rap star Lil Boosie is being called out for a new challenge he just created to promote his latest single.

Boosie took to Instagram today, to announce the open “Stick In Da Car” challenge to promote his new single of the same name.

“Check this out, we finna do this ‘Stick In Da Car’ challenge,” Boosie announced on his Instagram account. “So whoever do the best ‘Stick In Da Car’ video going, dumb, with them sticks, whoever do the best video, win $2K.”

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Boosie is offering the winner of the challenge $2,000, just in time for Christmas – but the winner could also get a trip to jail as well. Boosie was immediately taken to task over the “Stick In Da Car” challenge, which many felt could get people arrested, indicted, and even worse – killed.

“What a bad example, especially for the times we’re in,” wrote one user in a message to Boosie. Another user added: “you about to have n##### self snitch on their ass.”

“Stick In Da Car” is Boosie’s homage to keeping a gun in his car to shoot down his enemies. The rapper is still recovering from a gunshot wound he sustained in Dallas, Texas on his birthday (November 14th), a few days after the murder of his friend and collaborator, Mo3.

The police have charged a man named Kewon Dontrell White for gunning down Mo3 on a busy Dallas freeway, in broad daylight. So far, no one has been arrested for shooting up Boosie’ sprinter van in an incident that left him seriously wounded and wheelchair bound.