Boosie Badazz Learns He’s Not A Grandfather; Blasts Family For Allegedly “Kidnapping” Baby  


Boosie Badazz revealed he is not a grandfather and accused the family of his son’s ex-girlfriend of faking a pregnancy to trap him.

Boosie Badazz is celebrating after discovering he is not a grandfather after his son was caught up in a “conspiracy for the ages” when he was told he fathered a son with an ex-girlfriend. 

However, an ecstatic Boosie revealed that his 18-year-old son, who goes by Tootie Raw, is not the father. The Louisiana native took to Instagram to share his good news. 

“Just found out that ain’t my son’s baby!” Boosie exclaimed in the clip. “I’m not a grandpa! Oh lawd! They done kidnapped somebody’s baby, brought it down there like it was my grandchild. Oh you going down baby!,” He added, “Oh lawd! Oh f###### right! Errybody comin’ to the club tonight. I’m giving everybody free drinks. I ain’t no f#####’ grandpa! […] Oh they goin’ down!” 

Boosie Badazz then questioned everyone involved in the situation, accusing some of faking documentation.  

“Oh what the f###!? Why would you do that!? The mom and everybody — oh lord. This is the conspiracy for the ages. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Whooo! Great day. And where the company at who made the fake birth certificate? Where’s the company? I want your company!” 

He also shared numerous photos of the child alongside a copy of the DNA test. He included a message from a woman claiming to be the baby’s real aunt and posted a picture of the alleged parents.  

“The things these women do these days is CRAZY,” Boozie Badazz said in the caption. “My son has had the most stressful year of his life because of this situation. ok yall wanna do this too my son bet n the moma of the daughter the worst. Last pic is real mother n father.” 

Boosie Badazz Celebrates

When Boosie discussed the alleged pregnancy during an appearance on The Breakfast Club last year, he said he didn’t believe it. Furthermore, he accused his son’s then-girlfriend Ramya of attempting to “trap” his son. 

However, while he accused the girl of faking her pregnancy using a prosthetic baby bump, he laid the blame on her mother.