Boosie Badazz Reveals His Mom’s Reaction To His Comments About Dwyane Wade’s Transgender Daughter Zaya

“I feel like they’re gaining up on me now. I should’ve shut my ass up.”

(AllHipHop News) Torrence “Boosie Badazz” Hatch Jr. was one of the most vocal complainers about Dwyane Wade’s decision to support his 12-year-old child’s gender transition. The Baton Rouge-raised rapper claimed Wade went “too f*cking far” and begged the NBA great not to “cut his d*ck off.”

The backlash to Boosie’s comments about Zaya Wade came almost instantly. Critics called the 37-year-old recording artist transphobic and accused him of perpetuating hatred toward a minor.

Baller Alert caught up with Boosie to get his thoughts on the negative reactions to his previous statements. Apparently, Hatch’s own parent had something to say about his recent actions on Instagram.

“That’s just how I felt. People gotta understand it’s how I feel,” said Boosie. “Even my mama got on my ass yesterday. My mama called me early in the morning and got on my ass, talking about, ‘Stay off social media! That’s their family. You stay out people’s business!'”

He added, “I was just speaking how I felt. Everybody got their own opinions in life. Everyone feels a certain type of way about certain things. I just sometimes be the one to talk about it. When the kids involved, it’s tender to my heart.”

When asked if it ever okay to tell someone else how to parent their child, Boosie responded, “Not really, but when I feel you wrong, you wrong. People have told me how to parent my children when I was wrong.” 

The “Wipe Me Down” rhymer also addressed his call for a boycott of Planet Fitness after he accused a particular location in Georgia of barring him from entering. Boosie suggested his opinion about the Wade family was the reason he was kicked out of the gym.

“I feel like they’re gaining up on me now. I should’ve shut my ass up,” stated Boosie about the Planet Fitness situation. A company spokesperson told People, “Planet Fitness does not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind. In this instance, a guest was asked to leave after refusing to comply with gym policies and harassing club staff.”