Boosie Badazz Says He Probably Would Have Been A Slave And Gives The Reason Why


The rapper believes that no one who was born free can truly understand what captivity was like.

Rapper Boosie Badazz says if he were back in the antebellum South, he would probably be a slave.

During an interview with former battle rapper turned talk show host Math Hoffa, the “Wipe Me Down” chart-topper was asked about the almost equally controversial Kanye West.

Boosie shares on the “My Expert Opinion” show that he was “p##### off at Kanye West” last year when he made several inflammatory statements about the Black Lives Matter movement, George Floyd, the Jews, and slavery. He said he was so upset that he could not stop tweeting and “misspelling words” trying to get his outrage out on Twitter.

“I don’t like what Kanye do to our Black race,” the Louisiana recording artist said. “I don’t know what Blacks done done to him, bro.”

Math Hoffa jumped in and asked if he was referring to the White Lives Matter shirts— which caused an uproar with the other guests in the barber shop setting.

Still, Boosie didn’t get distracted. He was clear on what he feels Kanye’s perspective on is on Black people.

“[Ye] said slavery was a choice,” the guest blurted out.

Math Hoffa dropped a bomb and said he felt the same way, shifting the conversation to what he would have done if he was a victim of the Transatlantic Slave Trade (the MAAFA).

“I don’t,” Boosie said, vehemently shaking his head “no,” and mimicking what a whip might look like going against an enslaved person’s back.

Hoffa tried to challenge that and ask why didn’t people rise up and fight back or stop Europeans from going into Africa and stealing his ancestors. He asked why people didn’t risk their lives or choose death.

Boosie (nor many of the other guests) jacking Hoffa.

“I don’t agree with nothing Kanye West says about Blacks. I feel as a person, from what I seen him do and talk about Black people, I feel like he has no love or respect for the Black race,” the rapper said, adding, “I feel he loves the white race more.”

To this point, Math Hoffa brought the infamous 2005 Hurricane Katrina telethon and Ye’s comments about the then-sitting president.

Boosie was clear.

“He said ‘George Bush doesn’t care about Black people,’” the rapper said, “but he shows he doesn’t love Black people.”

One of Boosie’s problems with Kanye is that he believes the artist has a dynamic platform but has chosen to use it multiple times to tear down and “disgrace” Black people, particularly pointing at his comments regarding Floyd.

As the conversation intensified, Hoffa asked Boosie if would he have fought to the death to not be enslaved or have his family members enslaved.

“At that time, I am going to do what I have to do to stay alive,” Boosie said. “If I run, I’ma die.”

“Now let me flip it on you. If a million of your brothers and sisters got burned up in a fire, would you like somebody talking about them or saying anything that is not supporting them?” he asked Math Hoffa.

Hoffa didn’t answer the question, perhaps not understanding that Boosie was referencing the Jewish Holocaust.

During the discussion, Hoffa continued to be challenged, even by his co-host who said, “You’re speaking from the perspective of a free man. You don’t know what it feels like to be in captivity. You have no idea what that is like and to sit there and judge someone who was…”

Boosie jumps in and says, “You don’t know if you’ve never been in captivity. Some people not gonna run if you over them with guns and whips on your back.”

Hoffa asked, “What you gonna do?”

“I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t in captivity,” Boosie, a man from the deep South, answered.

“If I run, I’ma die. I probably would have been a motherf##king slave,” he said. “If I was born in captivity…”

Math interrupts and says, “You? That’s hard to believe.”

The consensus of Boosie and the other host, “It’s hard to think about being born into captivity.”

“That’s just like me being born in the hood and staying a hood n##ga. If I was born into captivity and all I know since a child is praising and being took care by a white man I probably would have been a f##king Django or a slave overseer. I would probably be f##k up,” he said.

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