Boosie Badazz Tells Snoop Dogg What To Expect If He Actually Quits Marijuana

Boosie Badazz

Snoop Dogg surprised fans when he announced on Instagram his alleged intention to give up smoking—but we’ll see if that’s even true.

Boosie Badazz has weighed in on Snoop Dogg’s claim he’s quitting “smoke” and shared his journey after stopping his own marijuana use.

Snoop Dogg, renowned as a cannabis aficionado, surprised fans when he announced on Instagram his alleged intention to give up smoking. He explained that the decision came after “much consideration & conversation with my family” and requested privacy “during this time.”

Boosie’s decision to quit, on the other hand, was influenced by his probation terms, which required him to wear an ankle monitor and abstain from weed. He noted a significant change in his health and mindset.

“I mean, he [Snoop Dogg] know what he need better than anybody,” Boosie said in a post. “I know you’re gonna gain weight. You’re gonna think better. Since I don’t smoke, I don’t get mad as I used to get mad. I think better. I was smoking an ounce a day. Since I don’t smoke my temper is controlled.”

The scientific community corroborates Boosie Badazz’s experiences.

Studies have shown that cessation from long-term and regular cannabis helps with memory, improved breathing, a healthier respiratory and cardiovascular system and a more positive, balanced mood.

Boosie’s transformation reflects the broader impacts of quitting marijuana, underscoring the benefits of a difficult but rewarding journey.

Snoop briefly quit smoking weed in 2016 to improve his performance as a youth football coach, motivated by a comment from one of his players.