Boosie Badazz On Usher Trying To Take His Woman: “I’d Kick Him In The D**k”


The southern rapper offers a warning about going to see the R&B legend’s show.

The ever-outspoken Boosie Badazz has shared his thoughts on the headline-grabbing My Way The Las Vegas Residency. Usher’s live concert experience became a topic of debate this year.

Back in July, Keke Palmer became the center of online attention after footage of Usher serenading the actress/singer in Vegas went viral. Palmer’s boyfriend, Darius Jackson, took issue with the way the mother of his child dressed for the occasion.

Social media users clashed over whether Keke Palmer publicly disrespected Darius Jackson or if Jackson publicly overreacted to the situation. In either case, Boosie feels men need to stop taking their significant others to see Usher in concert.

“Usher’s the truth,” stated Boosie in an interview with VladTV. “He looks 14. He’s gonna sing your b####’s drawls off. The Louisiana native added, “It couldn’t be me. I would’ve left that b#### right there. And we gonna fight when we get to the room.”

Boosie Badazz also said, “That n#### will grab your hand and pull you off your n####’s lap… He couldn’t do it to me and I was drunk. I’d kick him in his dick – ‘Get your ass back! Gone head!’ You take your b#### to see Usher, that is your fault.”

This was not the first time Boosie joked about how going to see the My Way The Las Vegas Residency could damage a relationship. In July, he posted on X, “AT THIS POINT USHER ON A ‘TAKE YOUR GIRL TOUR’ lol.”

Meanwhile, Usher continues to release new music. The official video for his “Boyfriend” single co-stars Keke Palmer as the main love interest in the visuals. He also recently dropped “Good Good” with Summer Walker and 21 Savage.