Boosie Goes Nuts On Cop Over Weed Arrest


Boosie went completely nuts on a cop in Georgia after he was stopped and caught with a small amount of marijuana in his car. Read more!

Rapper Boosie Bada$$ was pulled over and briefly detained by Georgia law enforcement for having darkly tinted windows and concealed tags but was let go within minutes with a small cannabis charge and a citation.

According to TMZ, on Wednesday, July 13th, the “Wipe Me Down” rapper was playing shotgun in a black Cadillac SUV. In the driver’s seat was De’Shun Lawrence, 19, one of his associates.

When the two were pulled over, officers said they could smell weed.

They asked Boosie and Lawrence to step out and cuffed them. While both were in handcuffs and standing away from the car on the side, the cops started to search the vehicle.

During the search, Boosie ranted, letting everyone know he was ready to go to jail if need be. He mentioned he felt he and his associate were profiled for having a nice car.

The artist has a right to be suspicious of the law, having spent years in prison for a murder, which he was acquitted of committing. 

Boosie declared that if he were to go to jail, he would a) swing on the first inmate he saw and b) spit on the first female nurse.

The officers returned, stating they found two weed bags in the car.

Lawrence said it was his, and he and Boosie were set free. Boosie promised to call his lawyers and file harassment charges.