Boosie Slammed After Saying R. Kelly Victims Exaggerated Abuse Claims


Boosie downplayed the abuse suffered by his victims who he claims were exaggerating, “I just feel like R. Kelly like the young b*tches.”

Boosie Badazz is no stranger to a controversial take and his latest remarks on disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly have caused a stir. 

During a recent appearance on VladTV, Boosie was asked his opinion of R. Kelly’s sex trafficking and racketeering conviction. The rapper seemed to suggest something was amiss, alluding to R. Kelly being a rich Black man charged with similar offenses for a second time. He also suggested the singer failed to get a fair trial claiming, “He was guilty before he walked in the courtroom.” 

“This is how I feel about that: Everything was pushed to another level. I just feel like R. Kelly like the young b*tches,” said Boosie. 

According to Boosie, R. Kelly’s wrongdoing came from liking underage girls rather than any mistreatment of them. “All that s###, seducing and kidnapping and all this s### in somebody house, if you leave a b#### at the house and you go on tour for two weeks and she don’t go nowhere, that b#### ain’t been kidnapped. She waiting on daddy to come home.” 

He continued and doubled down on his remarks that the victims were willing participants. “You know, a b#### ain’t been kidnapped,” Boosie told VladTV. “B#### ain’t been sexualized if she been in the bed with three, four women. You know, she hasn’t been taken advantage of, because she is willing. She is willing. He just f##### up on the age part…if he did it. I’m not saying he’s guilty or if he did do it, it’s because of the age. The rest of that s###, they exaggerating, bro.” 

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Elsewhere in the clip, though Boosie admitted that R. Kelly had past relationships with underage girls including Aaliyah he added, “I’m not gonna castrate my boy.” 

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“Yo the authorities might want to check Boosie’s Insta account”

“Lol I wonder if Boosie would have this same energy if he knew that R Kelly also abused young boys?” 

@BOOSIEOFFICIAL deadass went a whole year having hypocritical concern about Lil Nas X “corrupting” kids when they see him being hisgay self on tv, but jumps to calling UNDERAGE girls “young b######” while taking up for R. Kelly.. Remember, he paid an escort for his underage son”