Boosie Says Woman Kidnapped A Baby And Pretended It Was His Grandchild


Rap star Boosie went nuts over the weekend now after he finally received maternity results involving his son Tootie Raww. Read more!

Rapper Boosie had a Maury Povich involving his family over the weekend.

The whole mess started in August of 2021 when a social media influencer named Ramya claimed she was pregnant with his son Tootie Raww’s twin babies.

Ramya recently gave birth to the twins -a boy and a girl. Tragically, the young girl passed away after she was born.

When Boosie attended Tootie Raww’s high school graduation ceremony last week, Ramya popped up with the boy she claimed was fathered by the 18-year-old.

While Tootie Raww seemed to accept responsibility for being the kid’s father, Boosie felt a” conspiracy of the ages” was taking place. Boosie says he recently received the DNA test result, and it revealed Tootie Raww is not the father.

Boosie, who would have been a grandpa, was elated with the news, and he took to social media to express his joy.

“Just found out it ain’t my son’s baby. I’m not a grandpa. Oh Lord, they done kidnapped somebody’s baby and brought it down there like it’s my grandchild,” Boosie proclaimed.

The rapper was so excited that he offered all of his fans to meet him at a club to celebrate the news.

“I need everybody to come to the club tonight. I’m getting everybody free drinks. This is a conspiracy of the ages. Thank you, Jesus,” Boosie yelled.

Boosie did not stop there. He posted pictures of the child’s alleged grandmother on FaceTime, showing photos of the baby boy that was supposed to be Tootie Raww’s.

After the stressful day, Boosie took his nieces and nephews to swim in a vast pond, with a dolphin doing tricks for the kids. As for Tootie Raww, he celebrated the release of his new rap single “Hold On.”