Boot Camp Clik Drops First Song In 16 Years: “This Is Wotcha Call Strength”

Duck Down Music co-founder Drew Friedman (also known as Dru Ha) announced the release via Instagram on Friday (July 14).

Boot Camp Clik has returned with its first song in 16 years, the aptly titled “This Is Wotcha Call Strength.” Duck Down Music co-founder Drew Friedman (also known as Dru Ha) announced the release via Instagram on Friday (July 14). As he explained in the lengthy caption, the song was drummed up in celebration of Hip-Hop’s 50th birthday and as a way for Boot Camp Clik to stake its claim in the culture.

“In participating in honoring #hiphop50 we felt that the Boot Camp Clik’s catalog of work, contributions and legacy needed to be recognized and celebrated as part of the conversation,” he wrote. “Too easy to sit back and say the hip hop community should verify you, or that any Artist or Group is going to be included in the discussion, i.e are you on this ‘top list’ or that one; so there was no better way to make a statement than to drop a new record with all the members.”

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Hailing from Brooklyn, Boot Camp Clik converged in the early ’90s with members Buckshot (of Black Moon), Smif-N-Wessun (Tek and Steele), Heltah Skeltah (Rock and the late Sean Price) and O.G.C. (Starang Wondah, Top Dog and Louieville Sluggah). The group released four studio albums, including For the People (1997), The Chosen Few (2002), The Last Stand (2006) and Casualties of War (2007). Each member then went on to further establish their own careers. In 2015, Price died in his sleep at the age of 43. BCC hasn’t released an album since. Despite the long hiatus, Friedman was astonished by their instant chemistry on the new song.

“@ruste_muthafuckin_juxx (long time Sean Price protege) and @rocknessbcc originally sent me this track (produced by the @thearcitype) for a project they are currently working on,” he explained. “I asked them if we could turn the rough into a BCC song and they gracefully agreed. I reached out to @buckshotbdi , @teksmokeelah , @generalsteele , @top_d.o @louieworld365 , and @starang_wondah_ogc they all were down and recorded their verses like it was yesterday….. @mrdanthemanpro and I arranged the record together; i’m very proud of the finished product.”

Friedman also pointed out just how far their friendships go back and was convinced it’s what makes their music so tight. He continued, “Although it’s been many years since Boot Camp Clik collectively recorded a song together (we count it at 16 years), they all remain bonded by the experiences they share not only from their music careers journey but for many of them their childhood friend and kinships.

“On this track and further displayed in the video (directed by @janoffilms ) they showcased the unique charisma each member individually possesses and at the same time the chemistry they have with one another when they band together. Fittingly, taking from Tek’s chorus, we titled the track ‘This is Wotcha call Strength,’ clearly there’s power in numbers.

“I know i’m biased, my career started with these MC’s almost 30 years ago, but from their bars & flows, style & originality, showmanship and authenticity, i put the mighty Boot Camp Clik up against any clan, posse, crew or clik; sometimes you just need to remind em.”

Watch the video below.