Bow Wow’s Show In Houston Sets Off Coronavirus Investigation

Bow Wow

The mayor of Houston is planning to crack down on nightclubs after a controversial performance by Bow Wow.

The hammer is coming down on clubs in Houston, Texas after a performance by reality star/rapper Bow Wow.

Hundreds of people gathered to catch the “Growing Up Hip-Hop Star” at a club called Cle Houston on Friday (January 15th).

The problem is, Bow Wow performed without a mask, and most of the maskless people in the crowd forgot Houston, and the rest of the world is still in the middle of a raging pandemic.

Bow Wow’s show went viral because Houston natives are in fear Bow Wow’s appearance could act as a super spreader of the coronavirus.

Mayor Sylvester Turner said Bow Wow and the club were working against the city of Houston’s attempt to get the coronavirus under control.

Part of the problem is a loophole that has allowed local clubs to be reclassified as restaurants to stay open.

“They are community spreaders, and they are working against what we are trying to achieve,” Mayor Turner told Houston’s Channel 11. “And let me tell you, they are not restaurants. So I am calling on the TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) to really crack down and to rescind some of these reclassifications.”

Either way, Bow Wow’s gig has launched an investigation into Cle Houston, and the venue could lose its operating license for being so irresponsible, especially as hospitals in the city are nearing capacity due to a recent spike in cases.

Also, agents with the TABC will be out patrolling venues from now on, looking for blatant violations.

Meanwhile, Bow Wow has defended himself against critics who slammed him over his maskless performance. But the rapper said he had no control over how the owners of Cle Houston operated their business.

The 33-year-old also said he wore his mask the entire evening, up until the time he got up to the stage to perform.

“Dont want folks thinking i dont care ya know…” Bow Wow tweeted.