Brandy Teaches Jack Harlow A Lesson On “First Class” Freestyle

Brandy Norwood

Brandy responded to Jack Harlow not knowing she is Ray J’s sister with a freestyle over the Atlantic Records rapper’s “First Class” single.

Brandy jumped on Jack Harlow’s “First Class” instrumental to display her rap prowess.

The Grammy-winning singer put her spin on Jack Harlow’s single after he made headlines for not knowing she is Ray J’s sister.

“I will murk this dude in rap at 43 on his own beats and then sing [his] ass to sleep,” she responded via Twitter.

Although Brandy said she was joking, she followed through on her declaration. The Moesha star used Jack Harlow’s own beat for her new freestyle.

“Over 20 years and I am still a topic/A picture’s worth a million, now I’m feeling philanthropic/43 and feeling like a kid with millions watching/Popular but now I’m popping s### for those out of pocket/I went diamond, guess I’m still a gold mine shining/This Black excellence at its finest/Don’t call me Brandy no more, call me your highness,” she raps.

Brandy also referenced her brother Ray on the track.

“Built tougher than my brother Ray J’s glasses/This is passion/You woke up a beast, now it’s madness/Singer slash rapper, rapper slash actress/ I’m reaching for the crown, you might get a handful of thorns/Or maybe you just wanna be down,” she raps.

Listen to Brandy’s “First Class” freestyle below.