Brawl At Finesse2Tymes Concert Leads To Shootout & Arrests


Three people were injured in a shooting at a Finesse2Tymes show, which took place at a cannabis store in Knoxville.

Two people face charges following a shooting at a Finesse2Tymes concert in Knoxville.

According to multiple reports, 22-year-old Jackie Netterville and 20-year-old Gino Mickens have each been charged with one count of reckless endangerment. Netterville is still at large. Mickens was taken into custody after the shooting on Monday (January 2).

Three people suffered non-life-threatening injuries after shots were fired during Finesse2Tymes’ show at a cannabis store. One victim remains in the hospital. Two were released.

Finesse2Tymes was booked to perform at My Canna Buds on Sunday night (January 1). A fight broke out at the show, leading to the shooting. Police said the altercation involved Finesse2Tymes, the owner of My Canna Buds and their security teams.

Knoxville Police Department spokesperson Scott Erland said police were aware of the potential for violence at the event. Several officers were in the area for the concert, allowing them to quickly respond to the shooting.

“I am incredibly thankful for our officers who were deployed in the area and responded immediately after shots were fired,” Chief Paul Noel said. “We are not going to tolerate violence that impacts our community, especially from those who come from outside of our community to perpetrate it.”

Finesse2Tymes spoke about the shooting on social media. He blamed the promoter for the incident.

“My whole team being investigated because this lame ass promoter n#### … wanna stand beside me intoxicated,” he said. “Bruh, you intoxicated. What is you even doing running a business right now?”

Finesse2Tymes added, “What is you standing by me, trying to reach at me and touch. Whatcha wanna be by me for? I ain’t that, respectfully … We ain’t friends, n####. The f### you trying to put my hands around my neck for?”

Police are still investigating the shooting. Officers recovered at least seven firearms from the scene.