Breaking: Pharrell Is Bringing “Something In The Water” Fest Back To Virginia Beach

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell has some great news to share!

Musical impresario, Pharrell Williams has announced that his music festival, Something In The Water, is returning to Virginia Beach after leaving this year.

He made the exclusive revelation at his Mighty Dream Forum in Norfolk, Virginia.

The highly successful music and culture festival momentarily left Virginia Beach after the death of Pharrell’s cousin at the hands of the police. The incident, which polarized the Virginia community, was settled last November, when a Virginia police officer was found justified in fatally shooting unarmed Donovan Lynch.

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“I’m honored to bring these gentlemen all together, I’m honored to bring you all together. This is about the 757, it’s always been about the 757. Something In The Water is returning to Virginia Beach in 2023,” he said. “Its great to be home.”

In front of a live audience, Pharrell did not reveal how the local government and he resolved their issues, but the crowd was joyous in learning of the news.

He revealed that the festival will return April 23rd to the 30th, 2023. Tickets go on sale on November 5.

Pharrell has recently made a strong push in his local community to create the next generation of business people. He grew up in Virginia Beach and has continuously been pouring his wisdom back into the people.