Broke Tasha K Vows To Pay Cardi B After She Gets Out Of Debt

Tasha K and Cardi B

Vlogger owes more than just Cardi money, but the IRS, AMEX and so many more.

YouTuber Tasha K, who made her fame by dishing out celebrity gossip while sipping wine, has made public that she is currently in debt. Her financial woes come after she lost a lawsuit regarding her spreading rumors about rapper Cardi B. reported the “WAP” Grammy Award-winner wants her money now and is willing to take her home and other property to fulfill the damages courts said Tasha K must pay.

A writ of execution was filed against Tasha K and Kebe Studios LLC in Georgia on Thursday, April 20. The court order cleared the way for Cardi B to collect the judgment awarded to her in a defamation lawsuit.

But the W(h)ine expert says she ain’t got it.

She took to Twitter and posted, “Look! Sis & Law I Know you need that cause work is slow for all of us right now, but right now, I ain’t got it! 🙈 But let your lawyers know that when I’m up, you gone be up & stuck…🥂 You get first dibs after this irs bill gets paid… 🥂”

According to the post, there are six major debts crippling the influencer.

She said she has credit cards that need to be paid: $300 to Bank of America, $4500 to Discover Card and $5500 to American Express.

Tasha K also says she owes $54,000 on her truck and $111,000 in back and current taxes to the IRS.

Her largest personal debt is the $4,000,000 she owes the Bronx bombshell.

Cardi may have to wait a little bit before she gets her money.