Bunny B Of Da Entourage, Known For “Bunny Hop” Single, Dead At 50

Bunny B

Paul “Bunny B” Brown, who created the hit single “Bunny Hop” with his group Da Entourage, died following a long battle with kidney issues.

Paul “Bunny B” Brown, a member of the Louisiana rap group Da Entourage, passed away over the weekend.

According to KLFY, the Lafayette native died of kidney failure on Sunday (December 19). He was 50.

Da Entourage is best known for their hit single “Bunny Hop,” which sparked a popular line dance. The track debuted at No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Singles chart in 2002.

Lafayette’s own Bryson “Cupid” Bernard, who also spawned a line dance with his hit “Cupid Shuffle,” reflected on Bunny B’s legacy in an interview with KLFY.

“Bunny B was the pioneer of Hip Hop in Lafayette,” he said. “Although we had a lot of rappers who came out, Bunny B was the one who stood on his creativity.”

Cupid added, “I can honestly say there may have not been the ‘Cupid Shuffle’ without the ‘Bunny Hop.’ He inspired a whole sound here and I’m just grateful for that… I remember times back in the day certain radio stations didn’t want to play our music and Bunny B was on the front line — play Lafayette music or else! And for somebody to put it on the line like that, [he] will always be respected and loved by myself and by many others and everybody in the community.”

Revisit “Bunny Hop” below.