Busta Rhymes Praises Geechi Gotti After Murda Mook Battle: “You One Of Us Now” 

Busta Rhymes gave Geechi Gotti his flowers for an “amazing” performance, recognizing the Compton emcee as one of the best in the game.

Geechi Gotti turned Busta Rhymes from a “fan” into a “believer” following his big stage performance against Harlem legend Murda Mook at Ultimate Rap League’s Homecoming event. 

The “Touch It” rapper was in the building at New York’s Irving Plaza on Sunday evening (Nov. 6) alongside a host of other stars who pulled up to enjoy URL’s return to battle rap’s “Mecca,” New York.  

Remy Ma, a battle rap league owner in her own right, and her husband Papoose, Ghostface Killah, Fabolous, Maino, Smoke DZA, Don Q, and other industry celebs were also at the event.   

Geechi Gotti may not have won his battle against Mook, but he certainly won over Busta Rhymes.  

The Hip-Hop legend gave the Compton rapper a warm reception following the electrifying battle. “I’m not shaking your hand,” Busta Rhymes told Geechi Gott before adding, “You gone hug me.” 

“I’m proud of you, you hear me. Amazing work tonight. He bust ya s###,” he added, referring to Murda Mook’s victorious performance, “but you did an amazing job. Let me explain something, what I love so much about what you did.” 

Busta Rhymes then praised Geechi Gotti, highlighting his confidence and charisma, as well as his lyrical prowess. He continued: ”The way you handled when they started to get a little tough, that was the flyest s### for me. Your s### talk, the way you shook it off.”  

A beaming Geechi replied, “Appreciate it G,” before breaking down his strategic approach. “I told my n##### it was supposed to be that way. [Murda Mook] supposed to make it hard on me, feel me. When you come out there, that’s what it is, it’s a fight. You don’t want it easy. I go into a n#### spot, don’t come in here showing me love and all that,” he added. 

“Dangerous n#####,” Busta Rhymes stated, prompting Geechi to respond, “You know I understand how much that mean, right?” before the pair embraced once again.  

Busta Rhymes then turned to Geechi Gotti’s entourage to issue them a playful warning. “Listen man, not one of you muthafuckas better let anything happen to him! ‘Cause we love him like that now. We got you, you one of us now. I’m a fan, but you made me a believer tonight,” he concluded. Check out the clip below and head over to the URL app where Homecoming battles will be shared.