Calboy Talks Sneak Dissing Meek Mill Over 6ix9ine Altercation

A dispute over a music video led to the two rappers falling out.

Calboy has a lot to say about Meek Mill. After parting ways with the Dream Chasers camp, the Chicago-bred rapper is now sharing his thoughts about the DC leader.

Previously, Calboy explained why he fired Dream Chasers as his management team. Cal claimed Meek Mill refused to sign off on the “Chariot” music video because the visuals would somehow tarnish his image. Chart-topping rap stars Lil Durk and Young Thug appear on the song too.

“In the label’s view, it’s like, ‘Yo, your manager’s not gonna play? They’re slowing your momentum down?’ And they really stood on that, and I blamed [Meek Mill] for that. So I fired them,” stated Calboy.

In the latest installment of his VladTV interview, Calboy recalled the last time he supposedly spoke to Meek Mill on the phone. The “Envy Me” rapper also admitted to taking a shot at Meek on social media prior to that conversation.

“6ix9ine walked up to him with the camera,” said Calboy, referring to a near-violent incident in 2021 involving Tekashi 6ix9ine and Meek Mill in Atlanta. “[6ix9ine] walked up on him with the camera, Meek pulled out his camera.”

Calboy continued, “I think somebody made a post on it and I reacted to that post. I think Wack [100] or somebody said something, so I commented. Then I said, ‘Look at the police playing with the police.’ That’s cause I was mad at him though like I’ll just let this sneak diss off.”

The Wildboy EP creator also added, “So [Meek] called me like, ‘Cal, I know you gang, what you on?’ I said, ‘Man, stop calling me bro, you’re tweaking. You know what it is.’ Then I hung up on him. He called me back like, ‘Folk, you’re tweaking.’ He hung up on me.”

Calboy said Meek Mill is “cool,” but he suggested the Roc Nation affiliate is also “self-centered” and “inconsiderate.” In addition, Cal admitted to leaking the “Chariot” video which also hurt his business relationship with Meek and Dream Chasers.