Cam’ron Discusses His Issues With Karen Civil, Praises Jay Z (AUDIO)


(AllHipHop News) Karen Civil started a very public spat with Cam’ron after she relayed a story about how the Dipset leader’s alleged unwillingness to give up a parking spot to Jay Z led to his removal from Def Jam Records. Cam fired back by claiming Civil stole $60,000 from fellow Diplomats representative DukeDaGod.

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During an interview with the BUBZWORLD podcast, Cam addressed his issues with Civil. The Purple Haze album creator suggested Civil’s comments were also discrediting Jay, and the Harlem native stated he only saw his former Roc-A-Fella boss travel by car with a driver.

“Why would he be looking for a parking spot when he has a driver? And it’s no parking on the block she’s talking about anyway,” said Cam. “Why would you even make Jay Z seem like he’s that type? He wasn’t that type of person to be looking at people like, ‘I want a parking spot.’ So I thought the story was ridiculous.”

Cam went on to explain how he supposedly got Civil a position at Warner Bros Records. He also answered the critics that said he was “dissing” the Be You & Live Civil author.

“I didn’t diss Karen. I told what’s real, and I told the facts. She said my name before I said her name. I haven’t mentioned that girl’s name in years,” Cam stated. “I don’t know if I started [her being cyber bullied], but if I did, that wasn’t my intention. My intentions were to defend myself, and to defend my business reputation, and to defend – in a weird way – me and Jay Z’s ‘cool and bad’ relationship.”

Jay Z and Cam’ron have had a tenuous history. However, the “Oh Boy” rhymer made it clear he still respects Jay for his business accomplishments.

Cam added, “Other people think that’s my arch-nemesis, my enemy. Listen B, that man is from the ghetto, he’s from Marcy Projects like all of us from the inner-city. And to be where he’s at now is amazing, amazing as a black youth growing up in New York City to make it to where he’s at.”

In addition, Cam’ron questioned why Civil has not publicly addressed the allegations that she took money from several of her clients. He also accused certain media outlets of refusing to run negative stories about Civil because they are closely associated.

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Listen to Cam’ron’s interview below.