Cam’ron & Ma$e Roast Fat Joe For “Dick From Kansas” Comment

Fat Joe

The 52-year-old emcee says he’s too old to play the “pause game.”

Fat Joe has found himself in the crosshairs of fellow East Coast rappers Cam’ron and Ma$e. The “Horse & Carriage” collaborators clowned Joe on the latest edition of their “It Is What It Is” sports talk show.

While appearing on ESPN as part of the network’s 2023 NBA Draft coverage, Fat Joe made some remarks that became a topic of conversation on social media. The “All The Way Up” hitmaker discussed former Kansas Jayhawks player Gradey Dick.

“As a Knick fan… I like Dick from Kansas,” Fat Joe told ESPN personalities Stephen A. Smith and Kevin Negandhi during the broadcast. Eventually, the Toronto Raptors drafted Gradey Dick with the No. 13 pick in this year’s draft.

The “Dick from Kansas” comment spread across the internet as trolls and jokesters made fun of Fat Joe for the unintentional sexual innuendo. Last month, Joe took to Instagram Live to address the jabs headed in his direction.

“Shoutout to Cam’ron and Ma$e for not roasting me yet,” Fat Joe said. He also added, “I’m too old to play the pause game. I’m for everybody. Hey, you take it how you want to. I’m very confident in who I am. I’m Joe Crack Da Don. I don’t play the pause game. That’s years ago.”

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Even though Fat Joe showed appreciation to the “It Is What It Is” crew for not ribbing him, Cam’ron and Ma$e still decided to take a few good-natured shots at the Bronx native. They talked about the viral moment on Episode 26 of their show.

“Joe, we love you,” a laughing Cam’ron said. “If you’re on Earth, you play [the pause game]. Once you say you don’t play, you’re playing. If you don’t play, why say you don’t play? You don’t gotta announce it. And if it didn’t bother you, you ain’t gotta double back and be like, ‘I don’t care. I said I liked Dick from Kansas, that’s a player.’ Pause.”

Both Cam’ron and Ma$e went on to say Fat Joe was “out of pocket” for his take on Gradey Dick. Cam also offered, “You could say, ‘I mess with [Gradey] from Kansas.’ He had two names, bro. He got a first name and a last name.”

Then Ma$e interjected, “He chose to go with Dick.” Cam’ron ended the segment by saying, “Yo Crack, you can say you don’t play [the pause game]. You’re my man, but listen, the internet says different. Pause.”