Cam’ron, Ma$e Spark Debate After Claiming DMX Was Better Than 2Pac

Cam'ron Ma$e

Cam’ron and Ma$e both agreed that DMX was a better rapper than Tupac Shakur, citing their personal experiences with the NYC icon.  

Cam’ron and Ma$e got social media talking over the weekend after giving their take on who was the better rapper, Tupac Shakur or DMX. 

The hosts of “It Is What is Is” addressed the topic during a recent appearance on Gillie and Wallo’s Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. 

Cam initially hesitated to answer the question, knowing the internet backlash that comes with such debates. However, we went on to pick DMX because he had the benefit of performing and recording with him before his death in 2021.  

“I actually got to see n##### go lose their mind about DMX,” Cam’ron added. “I know n##### love Tupac but I didn’t get to see him out tour and do anything else.” 

He also reasons that he had “seen the whole process” of DMX rapping on the streets to selling millions of records.  

Ma$e agreed with Cam’ron and said he “would definitely” pick DMX over Tupac. “And not just East West,” he added before recalling how DMX would have arenas of fans reciting his lyrics word-for-word.   

“I think a lot of times you forget how great n##### really were,” Ma$e said, adding that ‘Pac’s talents were overlooked because of his flaws. “DMX was one of those special special talents.” 

“’Pac was phenomenal too,” he continued. “I cant take nothing away from ‘Pac, but I think DMX had more than ‘Pac. He just touched n##### in a different way than ‘Pac did.” 

Social Media Reacts To Cam’ron and Ma$e Chosing DMX Over Tupac

A clip of the interview circulated online, eliciting diverse reactions from fans.  

“So u askn guys like mase, that were in the middle of that war with pac who is better… yea ok,” one person wrote. “They’re not wrong. X was a better rapper than Pac.” added another.  

A different X user understood where Cam’ron and Ma$e were coming from but disagreed overall. “X is really one of, if not the most underrated under-appreciated rappers all time,” they wrote. “And as a performer he’s legendary But Pac is generational man Kids in Gaza know Pac.”