Cam’ron Says He Never Stole Millions From Jim Jones, But Admits He Owns Legal Rights To ByrdGang Name


(AllHipHop News) Harlem rapper Cam’ron kept his promise last night (February 11), and discussed a recent interview that former Diplomats group member Jim Jones conducted with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex.

Jim Jones became emotional and his interview with Funkmaster Flex, when he recounted the many things he sacrificed for Cam and The Diplomats to be successful.

The teary-eyed interview with between Jim Jones and Funkmaster Flex happened just after Jim Jones mended his relationship with former rival Jay Z, and signed a deal with Roc Nation.

During an Instagram live session, Cam’ron responded to Jim Jones’ interview.

During the lengthy interview, Cam recounted the entire history of The Diplomats and their beginnings in Harlem, to how both Juelz Santana and Jim Jones ended up signing their own record deals.

According to Cam, he was directly involved with Juelz signing with Def Jam, while Jim was still acting as a hypeman for the entire group.

“The story he tells, he was the muscle he was doing this, he was doing that…Jim would fight. I’m not sitting here saying Jim wouldn’t have a fight,” Cam’ron said. “But he was not my muscle. He was my man, I brought him on the road. He was my hypeman.”

Cam revealed that it was around this time that Jim landed his own deal with Koch in order to keep up with the growing success of Cam and Juelz.

Cam said no one believed Jim would be a successful rapper, until he landed deal with Koch on his own (with Cam’s co-sign) and released hit “Certified Gangsters” from Jim’s debut, On My Way to Church.

Camr’on also addressed Jim Jones allegations that Jim Jones was presented funny style paperwork when it came to running Diplomat Records.

“Me and Juelz had paper work. He was signed to me,” Cam’ron said. “Me and Jim never did a deal. Ever. Tell him to pull the paperwork wherever. I never made him sign papers cause he’s my man.

“I’m like ‘let me eat with you off the first album. After that, do your motherf##king thing.’ That’s what we did. We never had no paperwork with Jim Jones. So when he says Cam robbed us out of millions and I wasn’t really the President and CEO, that s##t is lies bruh. We had the same account and everything. Sharon Benjamin. She’ll tell you I never had any paperwork with the dude.”

Cam also said he was surprised when Jim started forming his own crew, ByrdGang, and he said he acted preemptively, and registered the rights to the name.

“He said he ‘nah’ we Dipset, ByrdGang, that’s just our nickname. So what I did was, and I’m just being totally honest, I copywrote [sic] the name ByrdGang. Because I’m like if you not trying to do nothing shiesty or try to separate yourself, it shouldn’t matter if I got it…if you want to branch off and do your own thing, that’s not a problem, but you told me you wasn’t. So I was like ‘I’ll put it to the side.’”

Check out the interview below: