Cam’ron Is Writing A Movie Inspired By Richard Gere


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Cam’ron is expanding his resume by writing a movie script.

The film will be inspired by Richard Gere and Diane Lane’s “Unfaithful,” about how a New York couple’s life gets turned upside down after Lane’s character has an affair.

Cam’ron’s movie will focus on a married Caucasian woman who has an affair with an African-American man who is renting her guest house.

It is unclear if Cam’ron will appear in the film, but he is looking to expand his presence in Hollywood after previously starring in movies including “Paid in Full” and “Percentage.”

“The movies that I’ve done in the past, everybody’s been like, ‘Cam always gets away in a movie playing Cam’,” he tells “So, like, I’m trying to step outside the box a little bit just to show my range in acting.”

“To be honest, it’s less headache, more money, and much more fun to do (movies),” he says. “Music, even if I wanted to stop, I don’t think I could stop. It’s just so embedded in my blood that it’s easy to do records. But it’s always fun to take on a new task also.”

The 41-year-old is currently working on a new album and plans to release two records by the end of the yearin addition to the movie.

He recently unveiled his new single “D.I.A.” and has plans to keep busy with his new endeavors.

“If you ask me, I don’t feel that anybody’s better than me when I sit down and get focused when it’s time to come to it..,” he adds.