Candace Owens Says Cardi B’s “Next Level Psychopathic” And Promises Legal War With “WAP” Rapper

Cardi B

Candace Owens went in on Cardi B last night during the first episode of her new talk show, “Candace.”

Candace Owens is attempting to reduce Cardi B’s empire to rubble.

Last night on the debut episode of her show “Candace” for The Daily Wire, Owens doubled down – and confirmed she is suing Cardi B over a tweet the rap star posted on Twitter.

“There’s not a single person that can look you in the face and say that they hope their daughters turn out like you, and that has to hit home for someone like her, who has a young daughter, and I hope that it does,” Candace said during her show.

Other guests included Ben Shapiro, Nicole Arbour, Brandon Tatum and Jocko Willink, who continued their criticism of Cardi B’s performance of “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion during the Grammy’s last Sunday (March 14th).

Brandon Tatum and other members of Candace’s panel labeled their Grammy performance “disgusting,” while Nicole Arbour said: “I don’t feel like this is a positive portrayal of women.”

Cardi B’s latest war with Candace Owen started after the rappers’ raunchy performance during the Grammys.

Some viewers were shocked by the provocative show as the rappers grinded, writhed, and twerked on a giant prop bed and rocked skimpy outfits. Despite the critics, Cardi and Meg’s performance has been viewed more times that actual show.

Candace slammed Cardi for encouraging “young women to strip themselves of dignity” in front of a national audience.

The back-and-forth turned into threats when Cardi posted what looked like a tweet sent out by Owens in November 2020 where she apparently admitted that her husband had sex with her brother, leading to Owens’ promise of a defamation lawsuit.

“You mess with my family, I won’t stop until I’m the CEO and chairman of that WAP,” Candance Owens snarled.

“I am a forgiving person but Cardi KNEW the tweet was doctored, KNEW it was about private family members and spent a full day lying to her millions of fans saying she KNEW it was real,” Candace Owens said. “That’s next level psychopathic—but to be expected from a woman who has drugged and robbed men.”