Cardi B Explains Why She Bought Kulture A $150K Necklace

cardi b Kulture and Offset

Critics are blasting Cardi B and Offset, for showering baby Kulture with almost a half-a-million jewelry for her 3rd birthday!

Cardi B has hit back at critics of the $150,000 diamond necklace she gave daughter Kulture for her third birthday, insisting she has every right to spoil her little girl.

Cardi B presented Kulture with the extravagant necklace, which featured diamond charms of Minnie Mouse and the Chanel logo among others, following a no expense spared princess party to mark her big day.

In a video shared to Instagram, Kulture was seen smiling in delight as her mom opened the jewelry box to show her what was inside.

Cardi then clapped happily as she watched her daughter’s reaction.

However, following unconfirmed reports that the Elliot Eliantte necklace cost around $150,000, many of Cardi’s followers took to social media to call her out for the gift.

“Kulture got my whole tuition around her neck,” one person wrote, while another added, “I just hope they are investing the same amount on her education.”

But responding to the critics, Cardi insisted she will do whatever is takes to ensure Kulture – her daughter with husband Offset – is “fly.”

“When your kid want ice cream for dinner do you give them ice cream for dinner? My baby is overly spoiled wit toys & super educated,” she wrote. “If mommy & daddy fly then so is my kids. F### I look like being fly a####### and my kid not.”

She then tweeted that she’s “living my childhood dreams thru my kids”, to which one Twitter user asked if she meant that.

“Yes why not ? Princess parties ,unlimited toys , vacations and Pools my kid loves the pool and I went to the pool like 5 times in my childhood,” Cardi wrote in response. “Different flavor cereal not just Raisin Bran.”

Cardi is currently expecting her second child with Offset, who is said to have bought Kulture a $250,000 watch for her third birthday.