Cardi B. Clobbers Overzealous Fan With A Microphone

Cardi B

A fan learned a very hard lesson – do not put your hands on rap star Cardi B! The Bronx-born artist went off last night in the United Kingdom!

Cardi B went nuclear on a fan last night during her highly-anticipated performance at the Wireless Festival in the UK.

Cardi B was giving a spirited performance before an enthusiastic crowd when she hopped onto the shoulders of a security guard.

For some reason, a concertgoer in the front row thought it was a good idea to grab the rapper. Cardi wasn’t having any of it. She turned her microphone into a weapon and clobbered the fan.

Footage of the incident shows Cardi swinging the microphone and striking the unidentified individual several times.

Hopefully, things will go better for Cardi during her second performance tonight (July 9th) when she hits the stage again.

Things were much more festive for the rapper during her performance at the Stavern Festival earlier this week in Norway.

Cardi B. hopped into the ground for that performance too, but the fans there were smart enough to keep their hands to themselves.