Cardi B Credits Offset With Saving Her From Bad Contracts

Cardi B Offset

Cardi B and Offset talked about doing business as a couple after teaming up with McDonald’s for their own meal.

Cardi B praised her husband Offset for helping her avoid bad deals in her career.

The couple discussed the business side of their relationship in an interview with Complex. Cardi B noted how Offset’s support allows her to feel confident no one’s screwing her over because she’s too nice.

“I feel like Offset saved my life from bad contracts,” she said with a laugh. “Well, everybody just says that I’m very nice and every single time I go to meetings, I’m really nice and everybody just sometimes could think that they could get over you because you’re just a very nice person. And Offset is a nice person, but he gets straight to the point. He’s very good at negotiating, and he’s just always there for me.”

Offset added, “I love working with my wife because we got a legacy to leave behind with our kids. So [with] our business moves, I just want to make sure I protect the business for me and her because we got to make sure our kids are situated later on down the line. We can’t just be good right now and we think about the future instead of the present when it comes to business. So, we make sure we putting ourselves and aligning ourselves up with brands that match our vibe.”

Cardi B and Offset partnered with McDonald’s to launch their own meal with the fast-food chain on Valentine’s Day (February 14). The meal is available for a limited time.