Cardi B Calls Cuban Doll A “Germ” As Beef Reignites

Cardi B and Cuban Doll

Cardi B and Cuban Doll went back and forth as their beef over Offset erupted online over the weekend!

Rap star Cardi B got into a nasty online altercation with her nemesis Cuban Doll over the weekend.

The ladies are still beefing over Cardi B’s husband, Offset. In 2018, Cuban Doll claimed Offset was trying to creep with her on the side, even though he was in a relationship with Cardi B.

Their online war of words flared up on Saturday evening (January 8th) after Cuban Doll shared a photo of herself from a video shoot. Cuban Doll said the look was inspired by Cardi B’s rival, Nicki Minaj.

Cardi B started the drama after one of her many fan accounts reposted Cuban Doll’s post about Nicki Minaj.

She posted and deleted the following:

“Ask me why they hate me … THEY DON’T HAVE A REASON, JUST BANDWAGONING. Its Cool tho, everyone that ever hated never succeeded.”

Cuban Doll wasted no time and replying and told Cardi to shut up. “Girl Sdfu !!!!! We never had a problem you dry tweeted that s### bout me … me & you ain’t been cool Offset was tryna f### me,” Cuban Doll replied.

Cardi B replied and claimed Cuban Doll had been sending subliminal shots at her. She posted a few screenshots as proof.

Then, Cuban Doll labeled Cardi a bully. She also said Cardi has never been an inspiration because she does not listen to her music.

“I could never be inspired by someone I don’t listen to. Simple stop trying to force that on me,” Cuban Doll posted.

Cardi eventually apologized to her fans. She labeled Cuban Doll a “germ.”

“deleting those tweets.. it’s bad for business and I’m done helping out the needy.I want to apologize to my fans🥺I know y’all get upset when I give attention to germs,” Cardi B tweeted.

Take a look at some of the back and forth below: