Cardi B Defends Herself After Facing Backlash For Tweeting About $88,000 Purse

The ‘Invasion of Privacy’ album creator tells a journalist to “go cry about it.”

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Cardi B is never far from controversy. This time the “WAP” hitmaker is dealing with criticism for a tweet posted on Sunday afternoon. She wrote, “Should I spend 88K for this damn purse? Omggg it’s tempting.”

That tweet was met with backlash from some users who felt a rich celebrity asking about purchasing an $88,000 handbag, which apparently increases in value over time, was insensitive when many Americans are presently struggling financially, especially during the holiday season. Cardi addressed the negative reactions in a series of responses.

First, Cardi began tweeting out screenshots of headlines that reported how the Bronx-raised rapper donated $1 million to coronavirus relief and 20,000 meal supplements to medical workers in New York during the COVID-19 pandemic. She also recently gave away $1 million through CashApp.

Cardi did not stop there. She then posted, “Also I got 7 uncles [and] 3 aunts on my daddy side, 9 aunts and 3 uncles on my momma side a whole bunch of cousins I had to help [because] of the pandemic ….If I want to splurge I can [without] yall asking for [handouts] like me and my husband don’t do so. Thank you.”

By 6:53 pm, Cardi decided to shift the conversation.  She tweeted, “Okay let’s do this challenge! Since ya want to tell me to donate soo much… Drop receipts on what YOU have donated too. I will match it and donate to [an] organization you have [donated] as well. [LET’S] START NOW!”

The 28-year-old Grammy winner also added, “Any charity or foundation drop your receipts under the comment I will match what you donated and match your donation to that same charity or foundation. [Let’s] match energy.”

Eventually, Cardi clashed with journalist Yashar Ali after he argued tweeting about an $88,000 purse during a pandemic is “deeply insensitive and unnecessary.” Cardi fired back, “Go cry about it. I never seen u tweet about me when I donated a million [dollars] twice now you here. I didn’t [offend] [nobody], didn’t do nothing illegal. [I’m] not going to apologize because I work my ass off and I ask MY FANS! Which ARE MY FRIENDS A QUESTION! Ya want to be hurt so bad.”

Later Cardi questioned why she was being held accountable for the economic state of the country and not the current sitting President of the United States Donald Trump. She tweeted, “Ok guys I apologize. There you happy?! I don’t see ya askin [Trump] for [an] apology when he out here missing COVID meetings to play golf but [okay].”

While there was significant heat directed at Cardi, many people online were backing her right to spend her own money as she chooses. For example, veteran journalist Roland Martin posted a tweet telling the entertainer to enjoy life. Cardi eventually ended the night by jokingly posting, “Sooooooo……do ya want me to show ya the purse?”