Cardi B Deletes Her Twitter Account Following Criticism Of Her Reconciling With Offset

“Why are you going to this n####’s Twitter to harass him?”

Cardi B became an international superstar partly due to her presence online. Her digital personality helped her build a loyal fanbase, but it appears the “WAP” rapper is not enjoying social media at the moment.

As of press time, Cardi’s verified Twitter account is no longer active. This change came after the Atlantic recording artist spent several days chastising her own supporters for posting negative comments about her family members, friends, and employees.

In particular, Cardi took issue with some Bardi Gang members complaining about her reuniting with her husband Offset after filing for divorce in September. The celebrity couple was later seen partying together for Cardi’s 28th birthday.

“Twitter users be like, ‘Cardi, you’re in a mentally abusive relationship. Oh my gosh, we gotta save you.’ And I be like, ‘Alright, but can I f### him today? Because I need to have sex.’ N##### in my DMs talking about, ‘Whaddup big head?’ I don’t like that. I’m 28 years old and my head’s not big. Actually, it is but not with a lace front [wig]. The f###?” joked Cardi in a Twitter video posted on October 16.

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While Cardi’s Twitter page is no longer available, her Instagram page with 77 million followers is still active at the moment. This weekend she took to Instagram Live to address her fandom and her marriage.

“I didn’t put my divorce out there. A f###### court clerk put it out there. And because people are making rumors up: ‘Oh, this guy has a girl pregnant,’ I have to address it… Then ya’ll want to be harassing this n####. Bro, if I work things out, why are you going to this n####’s Twitter to harass him? That s### don’t make no f###### sense,” said Cardi during the IG Live session.

She added, “I love my fans and I’m thankful and I’m grateful for everything you do, but some of you really be acting like I sleep with y’all. Offset is not the only f###### problem that I deal with. To be honest with you, my marriage is one of the least worries that I have right now.”

Summer/fall 2020 has been a rollercoaster of emotions for Cardi B. She extended her record of having the most #1 singles for a female rapper when “WAP” featuring Megan Thee Stallion debuted at #1 on the Hot 100. Plus, the native New Yorker was named the new face of the Balenciaga brand and sold out her Reebok collection.

However, personal issues becoming public conversations has plagued Cardi throughout the year. Her on-again, off-again relationship with Offset continues to be fodder for blog headlines, and her recent dispute with her own Bardi Gang fans faced heavy judgment online.