Cardi B Jumps In A Pool Fully Dressed In Response To Getting “Canceled”: I Don’t Give A Damn

The self-described Trap Selena took a different approach on how to deal with trolls.

(AllHipHop News) It appears Cardi B is not taking the #CardiBIsOverParty trending topic too seriously. After joking about her most recent “cancelation” on Twitter, the “Bodak Yellow” rapstress uploaded an untraditional response video for her haters.

The drama began when social media users started spreading unverified rumors that Cardi was running a secret Instagram that was used to insult other celebrities like Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat. Cardi quickly denied she was behind the IG account or that she had any personal issues with any of the women named.

After addressing the matter in tweets, Cardi then began posting videos suggesting that the IG page in question was allegedly created by a white man. She later posted a 50-second video on Twitter and Instagram that ended with her jumping into a pool while wearing a wig, a dress, and heels.

Before leaping into the water, Cardi said:

Hi, everybody. That failed attempt that y’all tried to say that I have a fake Instagram like I’m f*cking 10 years old. Since it failed, now y’all trying to look up sh*t for my past to cancel me… bringing up old sh*t. I don’t give a damn. You guys canceled me last year four times. The year before that like five times. This is what I’m wearing this year to the Cardi B is canceled party. I haven’t released any music in like eight months, so if I’ve only been posting on Instagram and eating food, and that still bothers y’all, that just means I’m really that important in your heart and my presence really bothers your soul. And guess what? I don’t give a damn. Bye!

Cardi B’s video has collected over 830,000 views and 59,000 likes on Twitter since being posted to the platform around 6:50 pm ET on Thursday. Over on Instagram, the same video amassed 8 million views and 2 million likes in just eleven hours. Her IG caption reads, “I DONT GIVE A F*CK.”

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