Cardi B Loses Her Temper Over Roe Vs Wade Critics

Offset and Cardi B

Cardi B issued a fiery statement on the controversial abortion. Ruling- although it’s more likely to make her critics even more angry!

Rap star Cardi B continues to battle with her Twitter followers, and this time she seems to have reached a breaking point.

Earlier this morning, Cardi B posted a picture of herself dancing, drawing more scorn from a particular portion of her following.

Some people criticized Cardi B for not weighing in on the Supreme Court’s controversial decision to overturn Roe Vs. Wade.

The ruling will ban abortions in at least 25 states around the country.

Shortly after the decision was announced, protests broke out all around the country, including in Washington, DC, and Cardi’s hometown of New York City.

Cardi B finally issued a statement, but it’s probably not the one her critics were waiting for.

The rap star said she started minded her own business after controversy erupted when she questioned if the United States was heading for a recession.

The chatter grew so loud that U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen answered Cardi B’s Twitter question about a possible recession at a policy forum.

However, that did not stop her fans from weighing in on the controversy swirling around the United States over the abortion ruling.

And that did not sit well with Cardi.

“Every single time that I talk about political s###, y’all get me f###### dragged. So shut the f### up. You hear me? Matter of fact, just a couple of weeks ago I talked about ‘hey watch, we’re entering in a recession. When is the government going to talk about we’re entering a recession?’ You’re the ones that told me ‘mind my business. You’re rich.’ Matter of fact, every single time that I talk about something that’s going on in the community, y’all tell me to mind my business. So suck my dick,” an enraged Cardi B said.

Cardi’s frustration is reasonable and justified – it’s a continuation of the tension between her and her followers that erupted yesterday (June 24th).

Cardi snapped at a troll who took a very inappropriate shot at her young daughter, Kulture. The troll labeled Kulture autistic, and Mama Cardi was having none of it.

“Don’t bring my kids up on s###…This is all because I put a video of me dancing and y’all wanted me to talk about rod vs wade …WHY YALL BRING UP KIDS FOR? Wtf my kids gotta do wit yall misery?,” she fumed.

“My child is 3 years old,” Cardi B wrote. “You see this why abortions shouldn’t get banned …cause that’s the first s### your mother should of done with your glitter bottom ass,” the rapper said.

In 2018, Cardi B was the subject of criticism surrounding her pregnancy with baby Kulture.

Some fans wondered why she decided to keep the baby at the height of her career. Although Cardi B never revealed her stance on abortion, her decision to keep Kulture made a strong statement.

“It really bothers me and it disgusts me because I see a lot of women online like, ‘Oh I feel sorry for you! Now your career is over!'” Cardi B said during an appearance on The Breakfast Club morning show. “Why can’t I have both? Why do I got to chose a career or a baby? Like, why can’t I have both?”