Cardi B Makes Closing Pitch To Her Followers To Vote Out Donald Trump

The Almánzar-Cephus household is all in for #BIGBIDEN.

Several Hip Hop figures have come out in the last few weeks to show their support for either Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential race. In contrast, Belcalis “Cardi B” Almánzar has been at the forefront of the 2020 political process for months.

After supporting Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, Cardi B endorsed former Vice President Biden once he secured the nomination. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper even publicly spoke to Biden about police reform, education, and healthcare in August.

Election Day 2020 has finally arrived. Last night, Cardi took to Instagram to make one more pitch to her followers to vote in this year’s general election. The 28-year-old superstar did not mention Trump by name, but she made it clear that she did not want four more years of his administration in power.

“I’m tired of this b#######. I’m tired of getting upset every single time I see this man talk. It’s like, ‘Are you f###### serious?'” said Cardi, referring to President Trump.

She added, “You can make a change. I can make a change. You don’t gotta be special, you don’t gotta be rich, you don’t gotta be famous, you don’t gotta be beautiful, you just gotta be you with your one vote.” Her IG caption included the hashtag #BIGBIDEN.

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While a recent study found that only 12% of the population admitted a celebrity can actually influence their thinking about the election, Cardi was among the few entertainers that can motivate a percentage of people to vote. The top celebs in that survey were LeBron James (36%), Taylor Swift (13%), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (9%), Oprah Winfrey (6%), Beyoncé (5%), Colin Kaepernick (5%), and Cardi B (5%).

Additionally, Cardi’s husband has been very active in promoting voting this year. Kiari “Offset” Cephus informed his fans that he voted for the first time in 2020, and he served as a State Ambassador for Amazon Studios’ #AllInForVoting program. The Migos member went on to formally endorse the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket by performing at an Atlanta drive-in rally on October 27.