Cardi B Wants To Get A Degree In Political Science

Cardi B

Cardi B is not only working on a brand new album, she said she’s also trying to go back to college to get a degree!

Rapper Cardi B is determined to prove her critics wrong by bouncing back from her second pregnancy and making a huge chart comeback.

Cardi B recently revealed she’s expecting her second child with her Migos star husband Offset, but that hasn’t changed her attitude towards her career.

Instead, she has fired back at veteran rapper Joe Budden, who suggested she won’t be making another album once she’s got her hands full with two kids.

Responding to the comments on Twitter, the fiery star insisted she will be back in the studio in no time, while also indicating her desire to potentially obtain a college degree.

She wrote: “Well he deada** wrong… watch when I push out this baby wait 6 months go to Colombia get a lipo, breast reduction, learn how to pole dance again, learn how to play s#### and get my political science degree and pop out with my album …Yeup Yeup he going to (be) wrong muahaha.”

Cardi B previously underwent plastic surgery to help her regain her figure following the birth of the couple’s daughter Kulture, who turns three this month.

Cardi B has been a longtime supporter of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Cardi interviewed Sanders in 2019 and they talked about police brutality, immigration, health care, student debt, and other topics.

Cardi B also endorsed current president Joe Biden.

She also interviewed the POTUS, and was supposed to perform her raunchy song “WAP” at his inauguration, but she missed out due to a medical emergency.

Cardi B released her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, in 2018. (MT/