Cardi B Previews New Music, Clears Up Leaked Reference Track Rumors 

cardi b

While fans eagerly await her highly-anticipated sophomore album, Cardi B has given her fans a taste of new music.

Cardi B has teased fans with a snippet of new music after an alleged leak of her reference tracks surfaced online.  

The Grammy Award-winning rapper is currently working on her sophomore album but recently revealed anxiety is delaying the project. However, fans are still eager for new music.  

On Monday (Dec. 12), Cardi B gave her followers what they’ve been asking for by sharing a snippet of a new track.  

“HERE some scraps since yall STARVING,” Cardi tweeted alongside the clip.  

The seven-second audio clip sees Belcalis rapping about her haters. “They be watching every time that I post / Posted nothing, always gotta do the most / B###### sound like you broke.” Listen to it below.

While listeners approved of the track, wanting an official release, Cardi B revealed she isn’t a fan of it. “I just don’t love it,” Cardi B replied when asked why she scrapped the track.  

The “Tomorrow 2” rapper shared the new audio after a purported leak of several Cardi B reference tracks. However, according to Cardi, the songs are “horrible,” and she would never rap those “cliché” lyrics. 

“I just feel like these are things that people think that I want or would say,” she penned. “Like party wit Cardi ? That’s so late for me to say is like me saying okruuuuuuu again …..And Jenny from them block sample it’s like cliche & expected…..Nice try tho.” 

While fans have been waiting for more than four years for the follow-up to Invasion of Privacy, Cardi B has been getting busy in the studio. However, it may be some time before the project is released, with the rapper admitting she’s feeling the pressure.  

“I used to love to make music,” Cardi B told her followers during a recent Instagram Live session. But now, making music to me has become a job that gets me anxiety. Because everyone just critique everything that I do. Sometimes you don’t want to do something that makes you feel that much anxiety.”