Cardi B Sends A Message To Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey About Being “Shadow Banned”

It looks like the “Wet Ass P####” rapper got in trouble for explicit content on the platform.

Cardi B is one of the most outspoken celebrities of modern times. The “WAP” hitmaker uses her social media accounts to voice her thoughts on everything from music and movies to politics and sex.

That latter topic may have landed Cardi on the Twitter app’s so-called “shadow ban” list. The entertainer addressed the possibility the platform is purposely blocking some of her 16 million followers and others from seeing all of her tweets because of something she posted.

“Twitter release me from Twitter shadowban!!! I won’t talk about suckin and f##### [no more]. I promise that was 2020 behavior!” Cardi jokingly tweeted. Her timeline is known to have adult-oriented conversations like when she recently wrote, “What’s a good movie to watch on Netflix before I start f######?”

Cardi then uploaded a tongue-in-cheek voice tweet where she directly tagged Twitter co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey. For that message, the rapper took on a British accent while asking Dorsey to please forgive her. Plus, she promised to no longer tweet about explicit content.