Cardi B Shocked As Expensive Yacht Sinks

Cardi B

Rap star Cardi B was on hand to watch an expensive yacht as it sank into the depths of the ocean. Take a look!

Cardi B shared a video of a yacht sinking while she was on holiday.

The “WAP” rapper tweeted from the beach, where she was on vacation with her husband Offset and their two children Kulture and Wave.

Cardi captured a sinking yacht on camera, captioning the video: “I can’t believe I’m actually watching a yacht sink.”

In the footage, the boat can be seen becoming submerged in the water as Cardi narrates.

“What the f**k! Oh my God. It’s sinking. Y’all see this? Y’all see this?! Oh my God, they can’t do that. Is there no big boat that can save it?” she said. “It’s gone, it’s gone. Bye bye! Bye! Oh my God. It’s gone. It’s gone. Oh my God!”

Later, on her Instagram Stories, Cardi assured fans no one was on the yacht when it began to sink.