Cardi B Slams Thirsty Bloggers Over Inaccurate Family Reports

Cardi B is infuriated with bloggers who are posting inaccurate reports about her family life.

(AllHipHop News) Cardi B is unimpressed with “thirsty” gossips fabricating stories about her family dynamic and suggesting she doesn’t spend time with her stepchildren.

Cardi and her husband Offset share daughter Kulture, who will turn two next month while the Migos MC is also dad to three other kids from prior relationships.

One of Offset’s exes, model Oriel Jamie, recently shared a snap of the older children enjoying a get-together, prompting bloggers to claim Cardi had apparently snubbed her stepkids by keeping little Kulture away from her half-siblings.

Another social media troll commented online: “She don’t care about them other kids because she wants hers to feel superior to them other ones…”

However, Cardi is making it known that’s not the case at all, sharing personal footage of all of Offset’s offspring hanging out together at their home on Twitter.

In the accompanying caption, the 27-year-old complained: “People be so thirsty to create they own narrative it’s not even funny.”

“Like the fact, you gotta bring kids up to make a narrative (that’s) in your f##kin head is disgusting,” she added, alongside another video.

Cardi then vented about her haters, insisting kids don’t deserve to be dragged into false family drama.

“Imagine not liking me sooo much (that) you gotta (talk) about my family business cause I don’t post it online…,” she wrote. “These weirdos really need mental health (treatment) to be so invested in my life that (they) make (up) a story about my kid.

“It’s a special type of mental illness that when you got nothin else to talk about me you start talking bout my family. People act like they live in your garage.”