Cardi B Issues PSA To Haters: Threatens to Drop Receipts And Bring Out “Belcalis The Demon” 

Cardi B

Cardi B has shared a warning for her haters, threatening to drop receipts if she has to bring out “Belcalis the demon.” 

Cardi B is issuing a PSA, warning that she’s been on her best behavior but is ready to bring out the demon inside her and drop years-old receipts if she has to.  

The “Bongos” hitmaker took to Instagram Monday (October 2) with a message for anybody testing her. While she did not name her “haters,” Cardi B warned nobody is safe, and the only thing stopping her from pressing the button is the desire not to disappoint her fans. She also revealed her stage persona is currently in control, but things could get dark if “Belcalis” (the superstar rapper’s real name” comes out. 

“I will bring this internet into f###### shambles b####,” she declared. “I been trying not to disappoint my fans because I been tryna be Cardi B the professional. But Belcalis the Demon, it be really close to come out. And I don’t want that because I don’t want to disappoint my fans.” 

Cardi also threatened to drop receipts and turn the internet upside down. 

“I’m a just say this,” she continued. “People love Cinderella ‘til Cinderella get a glass house. Let me keep it cute. And to my haters and to y’all muthafuckas that wanna see mess, leave me the f### alone. Because I come with receipts. Years old receipts. I got receipts on all you n##### and you b######, and I will bring f###### this internet into f###### shambles.” 

However, Cardi B said that she wants to “keep it cute” because she has “matured,” and cautioned, “this s### will go down,” otherwise.  

“I won’t even just say it out my mouth,” Cardi added. “I literally got real receipts with dates. So leave me alone. ‘Cause y’all not gonna be ready for that. Y’all not gonna be ready for nothing.” 

She concluded her PSA by stating that she wants to keep putting music out and be a mom before issuing a final warning. “Don’t, don’t try to bring Belcalis out, she urged. “Love Cardi B, don’t bring Belcalis. Leave me there. Okay? Okay.” 

Watch the video below.  

Meanwhile earlier this week, leaked footage surfaced online of Kanye West branding Cardi B an Illuminati plant who does write her raps. Read her response at